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Emboss Magazine: Avant Garde Vol. 1 Features Pàquin in Spotlight Interview

Huge shoutout to the #Embossmag crew! Those guys and gals did such wonderful work on their latest magazine single/double issues: Avant Garde Volume 1 & 2.

Ralph was thrilled to be asked to be a featured artist with a spotlight interview in such a great publication. His feature includes a 6 page spread with an intensive 18 question interview and features 4 sculptures and 1 work on paper as well as 2 behind the scenes pictures. Plus, you can see in the sneak peek below that "Morpheus" scored a whole page feature on the inside cover!

Here's a sneak peak, click the images for a direct link to purchase a printed or digital copy!


Emboss Magazine, Avant Garde: Volume 1 is 70 page high-quality art magazine:

The evolution of art depends on the evolution of the artist and their tools. In this issue of Emboss we celebrate the trailblazers who create the inconceivable, push boundaries, and inevitably turn yesterday’s pioneers into today’s classics. In the spirit of the Modernist Manifestos of the past, this volume serves as a discursive vehicle for contemporary artists to discuss their art and ideologies. We hope that you find that, through the focused reconfiguration of their work, we have stoked the fires that fuel the passions underpinning the theme of Avant-Garde. Artists featured in Volume One include: Ralph Pàquin, Gee Gee Collins, Nasos Karabelas, Jacob Matauch, Niko Mitsuko, Jehan Mostafa, Mothmeister, Britt Redman, Vianne Savoli, Aaron Scheer, and Tatiana Vinter.

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