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Pàquin Featured Artwork: "Poem in Spite of Corrosion"

Ralph worked incredibly hard all summer, mostly taking a break from sculpture, and created 2 incredible series of works on paper entitled, "Mindful Associations" & "Sequential Series".

This week's featured artwork comes from Ralph's series, "Mindful Associations". These are all works on paper and are a combination of drawing and painting using various mediums.

This is what Ralph has to say about this latest series:

"In general, my work references a broad range of personal ideology and interests in art, philosophy, cosmology, genetics, and most recently, questions of human origin. It is also very much about mindfulness. The basic ideas behind this new series of works on paper are no different than previous works except that form, space, color and timeline all work to create new associations and metaphors."

Connect with Ralph:

Instagram: @rpaquinart

"Poem in Spite of Corrosion" oil, acrylic, ink & various resist media, 50" x 38", 2017.

Stay creative! - Cat & Ralph Pàquin

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