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"Boötes Void" Trending this Week!

Hey Everyone,

Cat here! It's been quite a while since we have posted on any social media, but that's because we were busy moving during the first of the year, and then Ralph hand built his own new kiln. So watch out for an exciting new ceramic sculpture series later this year! Ralph has also been working hard all summer on some masterful sculptures to join both his "Ethereal Origins" & "Genes & Chromosomes" series.

"Boötes Void" is a phenomenal sculpture that is available for exhibitions or private collections.

It was featured with Saatchi Art as "Trending this Week"!

Be sure to check it out by clicking this image below.

Follow Ralph on IG: @rpaquinart

Cheers! - Cat

"Boötes Void" Hand-cast industrial grade organopolymer, enamel paint & steel on handcrafted Honduran Mahogany, 62"h x 40"w x 30"d, 2020.

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