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Cause & Effect

My creative processes range from complex concepts to more subliminal

influences.  Mysticism strongly influences my ideas and abstracted forms while

humor is often used to create a multifaceted metaphor.  Observable nature

along with a robust imagination are at the roots of my artistic reference.  My

approach to art is experimental, well-crafted, intentional, and always


Early in life, I was propelled down a path to learn about human biology and

genetics which has led me to the expanding topic of human origin.  My

interests in cosmology, belief systems, and archeology blend together with

my life experiences to construct a pictorial encyclopedia that fuels my art

and creativity.


I use an extensive variety of materials and methods to fabricate original art forms arranged in a thoughtful space.  These processes range from “free form” sculpting to sophisticated multistep cold casting techniques.  My sculptures are produced using a wide array of traditional and modern processes from materials that are efficient, unrestrictive, and durable.


Ralph Paquin contemporary abstract artist sculpture drawing painting works on paper ceramics ceramic organomorphic sculptor modern art studio artwork artworks feet figurative
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