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In my series "Genes & Chromosomes," I delve into the unseen architecture of life, translating the essence of our genetic makeup into a playful and whimsical visual language. Each contemporary abstract work on paper within this collection features cutouts of organomorphic shapes, abstract figures that are born from my imagination of what genes and chromosomes might look like if they stepped out of their microscopic realms.

I find joy in the idea of giving physical form to these fundamental building blocks of life. The organomorphic figures from these contemporary abstract works on paper are not just representations; they are embodiments of life's playful complexity, shaped into existence by my hands. They dance across the paper, each cutout a unique character in the grand narrative of our biological heritage.

This series of contemporary abstract works on paper bridges the gap between the microcosm of our inner worlds and the macrocosm of our collective existence. It's an artistic endeavor that attempts to render the invisible visible, bringing a tangible form to the abstract and often intangible concepts of genetics. In "Genes & Chromosomes," the microscopic wonders that twirl and twist inside us are brought to the forefront, inviting onlookers to ponder the marvels of life's design in a new and imaginative way.

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