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In my "Wet Drawings" series, I merge the fluid spontaneity of painting with the definitive gesture of drawing. The technique I've developed for this series involves laying down a bold, wet canvas of paint and then, while it's still wet, I draw the intricate details of the human figure into the scene. These contemporary figurative drawings form a unique fusion of painting and drawing, where the immediacy of the medium becomes an integral part of the creative process. The result is a dynamic interplay of color and form, where the figures emerge with a sense of urgency and vibrancy, as if they are being conjured directly from the painterly ether. 

The stark lines defining the figure's anatomy stand in dramatic contrast against varying hues, infusing the composition with a sense of kinetic energy and depth. I choose to silhouette the figures, lending it an almost spectral quality, ephemeral and delicate, as if it might fade into the painted abyss at any moment. These contemporary figurative paintings from the "Wet Drawings" series encapsulate the ephemeral moment where creation is caught between two states, embodying the fleeting essence of life itself—ephemeral, yet intensely present.

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