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My artistic focus is deeply rooted in the concept of truth's duality, where I continually strive to visually represent the juxtaposition of contrasting elements such as life and death, physicality and spirituality, destruction and resilience, and heroism contrasted with a sense of emptiness. This theme is particularly evident in my conte drawings, where the human figure transcends its physical form to become a canvas depicting these life dualities.

Human existence, in its essence, is a fascinating paradox. It's a marvel, starting with the miraculous burst of life at birth, yet it's not without its flaws and contradictions. This complex nature of human life is a central theme in my work.

Furthermore, I explore how the integration of technology into human life alters our very existence. Our growing reliance on technology, which often yields unpredictable and varied results, reflects a significant shift in our lives. Some of these technological interventions are effective, while others lead to unforeseen consequences, and this interplay is a critical aspect of my artistic exploration.

Contemporary artist, and sculptor, Ralph Paquin experimenting with color, shape, form & design on a new abstract artwork on paper.
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