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I am very interested in the duality of truth, so I am always looking to conceptually incorporate the coexistence of opposites i.e. , life and death, carnality with spiritualness, wreckage with resilience, heroism with emptiness and so on.  In particular, my conte drawings are drawings where the human figure itself serves as a canvas on which this duality of life occurs. 


The human being is truly a remarkable miracle.  Yet, when examined closely, it is deficient and even paradoxical.  Its very existence begins with an explosion of the miraculous event of birth, and from there begins to show the effects from its existence in this world.


When the human body is confronted with the need to incorporate technology into its very life, that life changes.  We are increasingly becoming more dependant upon technologies that do not necessarily always give the desired result.  Some of these alterations do work, some give unexpected outcomes. 

Ralph Paquin contemporary abstract artist sculpture drawing painting works on paper ceramics ceramic organomorphic sculptor modern art studio artwork artworks figurative
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