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In my contemporary surrealist drawings series, "Conte", I venture deeply into the subconscious realm, where the surreal landscape of my creations becomes a mirror to the human psyche. My art is a dialogue between the conscious and the unconscious, a dreamscape that blurs the lines between the tangible world and the ethereal one. I construct each composition with a rich tapestry of symbols and narratives, crafting scenes that echo the dreamlike absurdity of our existence.

"Purging Ignorance," a piece from this series, embodies the essence of my artistic exploration. It presents a vivid tableau of human figures, each caught in a moment of liberation or struggle against the engulfing darkness and abundant ignorance. Rendered with precise anatomical detail and raw emotion, these figures are poised in a way that speaks of the human endeavor to break free from the confines of unknowing. The stark contrasts, the play of light and shadow, all intensify the emotional gravity of the piece, while the surreal arrangement of forms invites the viewer to question their reality. This work invites contemplation on the complex layers of knowledge, enlightenment, and the often-painful journey towards understanding.

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