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Casting Molds... or Dinosaur Eggs

Ralph has been at the studio early every morning to beat this insane heat wave that apparently has no end in sight! He has advanced to the next step of the process in making these new scupltures. Every morning when I stop by to see what's new, I am amazed to see how much progess he has made on casting the molds for the new sculptures.

It's crazy to see how much time and effort goes into casting molds for these sculptures. Once this half is completed, he will flip it over and restart the process for the other half. Unfortunately, this piece is going to be the easiest one, and the next couple will be quite trickier. It will be interesting to see how the "puzzle pieces" connect with the next few sculptures. Keep your eyes peeled for updates!

If you ask me, there's a point where one half of the mold looks like an abstract prehistoric egg of sorts awaiting to hatch, what do you think?

Take a peek into the mad artist's world!

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