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Devil in the Details

When it comes to perfection, the Devil really is in the details! As soon as you see Ralph's artwork in person, the superior level of his craftsmanship is clearly evident. What you don't know is how much time it takes to get to the finished piece of artwork. He will spend weeks on end sanding and layering his sculptures with plaster and durabond, followed by more sanding, filling dimples with high-build paint and sanding once again. He will repeat this process many times over until he has created a mold with uninterupted curves from every angle.

This is all just part of step one in the process of creating a faultless mold to cast for his sculptures. However, this doesn't mean that every artwork will have a highly perfected, smooth finish. It just means that under every surface of Ralph's sculptures, whether textured or smooth, lies a perfected piece of artwork on its own.

Cheers! - Cat

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