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Pàquin Named by Art Arena New York as one of the "Masters & Innovators: The Art & Artis

Good Evening, Everyone!

Cat and I got some pretty exciting news yesterday.

I have been named by Art Arena New York as one of their, "Masters & Innovators: The Art & Artists You Need to Know".

It's a humbling and fantastic feeling for my work to be recognized on such a large platform because I want to be able to share it with our global community.

Cheers! – RP

Connect with me:

Instagram: @rpaquinart

A little about Art Arena from their site:

"Art Arena is an innovative concept that not only offers the experience and expertise of our editorial staff, curators and advisory board but also a unique marketing forum and network of services and connections. From fine art criticism and editorial essays, to website design and art advisory; we feature international artists working in various mediums and disciplines— from photography and visual art, to music, film and theatre.

Art Arena allows artists to redefine their own vision of how their work is seen and experienced.

Focusing on both the global, and local art community, our own interactive magazine is not only published digitally, but also special print editions at international art fairs, creative events and biennales. In this venue, with regular editorial features on art, film, music and performance—seen alongside notable new exhibitions and happenings from around the world— Art Arena offers artists, galleries and curators a unique arena of exposure and conversation; connecting them directly with the viewer and audience."

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