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"Love Knot" featured on @ratedmodernart

Hey, hey!

Cat here...

Shout out to @ratedmodernart for featuring Ralph's sculpture, "Love Knot" on their amazing Instagram page that is dedicated to awesome contemporary artworks!

It's just hit the 2 hour mark and already has almost 3,500 likes!

I love the fact that so many new people are being exposed to Ralph incredible artwork. He works tirelessly on his sculptures and works on paper. I couldn't be more proud of him as an artist.

Art is his passion and his first true love. Ralph's artwork is so unique to anything that you will find currently circulating in popular galleries and museums. He is a true artist who his refined his skill and craft over many years. Soon we hope you all will be seeing his work in those galleries and museums alike. It is a humbling experience to see his finished works in person, and it will leave you with a feelings of amazement and wonderment!

Peace & love – Cat

Stay connected:

Instagram: @rpaquinart

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