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Special Blog: Get to Know the MadArtist!

Can I just take a few minutes to selfishly, and unselfishly, brag on Ralph so you can get to know the man behind the art? Ok, thanks.

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Ralph, let me tell you from the second you meet him, you instantly realize that he is a bonafide artist with amazing energy and a young soul. You can see from the look in his eyes that he is constantly absorbing and processing the visual world around him. When you watch him working at the studio you can feel his intensity and love for his creations. He works long hours throughout the year in his studio and in our loft.

However, Ralph is always “working” even when he is not physically working. Fairly often we watch nature or science based documentaries, along with many mind stimulating films, and I wonder what thoughts run through his head when visuals become thought provoking. It is so remarkable to me how these organomorphic shapes are conceptualized in Ralph’s head as an idea, until they begin to come to life in the form of a sketch, and then he magically turns them into real, life-size sculptures.

The processes Ralph uses to create his sculptures are incredibly intriguing to me, and so I assume they will be just as intriguing for everyone else; which is why I am constantly taking photos of him working at the studio! I genuinely hope that you all enjoy these pictures of art in the making as much as you enjoy the finished artworks. He puts in insane amounts physical and mental effort into each of his works of art. Ralph’s lifetime love and persistence for creating art is a true inspiration for me. His passion allows me to understand the degree to which art is intertwined with his DNA, and fully recognize him as the most incredible human I know. – C…

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