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Multiple Part Molds = Puzzle Molds

Hey Everyone!

The resin finally arrived and I was able to get the first, largest half of the mold casted. Afer that, I made bracing for it, and then Cat came out to help me flip it so I can create the 2nd piece of this 4-part mold.

When it comes to casting molds of the organic shapes that I make, it can be rather tricky. It's like fitting together pieces of a puzzle, and this piece isn't going to be the easiest to cast because it is going to be a 4-part mold. It takes time and patience in order to cast a "perfect" mold. The reason I will spend so much time on casting a "perfect" mold is because it makes it easier for me once I am ready to cast the actual piece of artwork from the mold itself. Don't get me wrong, there's still tons of work after the sculpture has been cast in order to make sure the surface is ready for finishing, but having a great mold makes the process much less painless.

Look outside, what inspires you? Act on it.

Cheers! - Ralph

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