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Half of the Storage Space

Good Evening Everyone...

Sorry for the choppy pano picture, but there's not enough light in the storage space to do an good pano so this will have to do. You'll need to zoom in to see all of the details, but here's just HALF of everything in storage. It is really incredible to see everything on level ground since it was being stored on 2 separate loft areas in my old studio, and this is just half of it! Each pallet is jammed packed weighing between 1,000-2,000 lbs.

It took 7 26' truck loads, 7 8' trailer loads, 14 car loads, 1 tow truck (for the forklift), and 9 people to get everything moved!

Keep an eye out for pics of the new place once the roofers begin work next week. Until then, I'm cleaning up the storage space so I can begin to work on some panel drawings and fiberglass work again.

Peace out - RP

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