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Update & 1st Featured Sculpture

Happy 2016 Everyone!

I have decided to try to post between 1 to 2 blogs per week, it’s no resolution; it’s to keep you all updated and keep me interacting with you!

First, there will be a weekly featured piece of artwork with details, pictures and a selling price in case you, or someone you know, might be interested in adding one of my sculptures to your collection. Many of the photographs of my older sculptures need to be retaken, so I will be posting new pictures of them as they are featured. There may be some funny pictures included as well (in order for you to get a since of scale)… so keep your eyes peeled!

Secondly, I will be posted updates about what I am currently working on in the studio. It’s been a LONG time coming, but we finally have heat installed in the studio (just in time for Winter Storm Jonas) and I am ready to start working. I have a few sculptures that are in process as well as many works on paper. I’m excited to share them with everyone!

The first piece of sculpture I would like to feature is a ceramic piece entitled, “Leg” from my “Here to There” Series from 2001. It was part of a series of 4, but I only have 2 left. One of them has a matte glaze, and the other one, which is featured, has a glossy bronze glaze. On the base, it is 7 feet tall! Let us know if you are interested in adding this eye-catcher to your collection!

“Leg”, ceramic, bronze glaze, beeswax, steel, 84”h x 14”w x 18”d, 2001. $7,900

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