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Breaking Molds: New Sculptures

Hey Everyone,

Just thought I'd keep ya in the loop! While I've been working on how I want to finished 2 more "Knots" and "The Promise", I've begun casting 2 more large-scale sculptures. One is a 2-piece mold and the other is a 3-piece mold.

I'm excited about all the different possibilities I have on finishing these sculptures. I want these sculptures to be unlike any shape you've ever seen. These organomorphic shapes may be simplistic in form, but they will evoke ethereal ideas and be conceptually layered.

Get ready for some fun, whacky and loaded sculptures over this summer. Cat and I will be sure to keep you all informed with pictures as I get deeper into the process.

Cheers! - Ralph

Here's what I've cast over the past week:

Follow my progress on:

Instagram: @rpaquinart

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